The leader in Digital Health Plans

Simple, intuitive digital experiences are expected by today's consumers in
their everyday interactions. It's time healthcare works the same way.

Payers are turning to Brighter to jumpstart their digital transformation

Brighter is helping the industry’s leading health insurance organizations realize their vision of connecting informed patients with quality, high-value providers. If you are looking to jumpstart your organization’s digital transformation and are ready to bring the next level of consumer experience, transparency and improved outcomes to your customers – Brighter’s Digital Health Plan Platform™ provides the comprehensive technology solutions you will need.

Brighter's Digital Health Plan Platform engages everyone

By seamlessly connecting patients, providers, and payers on a single platform, Brighter ensures the most cost-effective and convenient transactions of high-quality health care. Payers license its SaaS Platform and services to deliver best-in-class products to their customers and greater opportunities for their participating providers, while advancing their consumer initiatives throughout the healthcare spectrum.

  • Provider engagement

    Providers more cost-efficiently provide their high-quality services by leveraging reduced marketing, administrative and patient-engagement expenses

  • Technology that works for you

    Payers enjoy population health management wins and data-driven recommendations for ongoing improvements

  • More active consumers

    Patients more regularly and confidently engage their plan’s providers and wellness programs that are best able to improve their health while reducing costs